Solar Photovoltaics (PV) - Berger Solar Electric provides complete residential and commercial solar PV service - from initial consultation, through design, permitting, working with your utility service, construction and final commissioning. We also excel at complete off-grid solar system

services - including battery and generator.

Battery Systems - Whether installing batteries as a component of an off-grid solar PV system or as part of a grid-tied energy storage system, Berger Solar Electric has the experience and expertise to design and install the optimal system.

Backup Generator Systems - Backup generators for homes and businesses are increasingly in demand. Automated backup systems can be important for second homes or critical electrical needs such as medical or communications equipment.

Energy Management Services - Commercial and residential electricity rates are always impacted by many complex variables. We understand these variables and can identify, design & implement onsite management systems that can significantly reduce your bill.

Electrical Contracting - Building new construction or remodeling existing home or business? Berger Solar Electric can perform your rough-in through finish trim electrical work. High value, high quality work at reasonable rates completed on-time - that's our trademark.

Motor Controls - Sophisticated motor control systems are a specialty of Berger Solar Electric. Having learned the control systems of ski-lift operations and backup generator systems, Berger Solar Electric is your best choice for designing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting these systems.

Troubleshooting & Repair - Berger Solar Electric has a maintenance division that specializes in performing routine maintenance, troubleshooting problems, and performing speedy repairs for all areas of expertise mentioned above. Residential or commercial, we'll keep you running smoothly.

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