Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, generating your own electricity with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system will save you money - perhaps many thousands of dollars over time. Most installed PV systems pay for themselves within several years and then provide many more years of electricity production, which translates to money staying in your pocket - not going to your local utility.

Berger Solar Electric is your local Eastern Sierra provider, and will step you through the entire solar project process from analysis of your electricity usage, to proposal and contract, through permitting and construction, to a fully operational system. If project funds are unavailable, or you would prefer to pay for the system over time, we can provide information and access to a variety of ways of potentially financing your system.

















Recent developments in battery technology and home or business energy management systems are making it possible to reduce your energy needs and costs even further by storing energy and using it at optimum times to further reduce your dependence on expensive grid-supplied power.  Berger Solar Electric has installed many off-grid and grid-tied battery and generator systems to provide power when you need it, even if the grid is down. Contact us for more information, or to have a discussion about battery and/or generator integration into your energy needs.


It just makes sense financially to invest in a solar electricity generating power plant for your home or business. It also contributes to cleaner air and to reducing greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Whatever your motivation, or if you're just curious and want to ask some questions, give us a call at 760-914-0564. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

For more information, click on the links below:

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - https://www.nrel.gov/workingwithus/re-solar.html

SunPower Corporation - https://us.sunpower.com/blog/2017/10/25/how-does-solar-energy-work/

A typical year of electricity usage and solar electricity generation for one of our customers in the Eastern Sierra. The customer's usage varies from month-to-month - higher in peak Winter and Summer months due to heating and cooling. This customer's energy production is shown in gold bars - higher in summer months with more direct sunshine for more time during the day. The customer receives credit for months where more electricity is generated than consumed.

Have you considered locking in your electricity generation costs? Historically, the cost of a kilowatt-hour of electricity from your utility increases roughly 5% per year. Assuming that rate increase continues, the chart at the right shows the result over the 30-year lifetime of a solar PV system. The utility's cost per kilowatt-hour goes up to over $1.00 while your solar kilowatt-hour cost remains at $0.14

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